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Study and assessment

1. Placement & Assessment
a. Treat seriously the prescribed study and assessment.
b. After the enrollment, you will be placed into different classes according to your performance in the placement test.
c. You can be shifted to a more suitable class upon your application and approval from your teacher and the ISO
d. Those who do not pass the final exam for a particular course or who miss it, can be given a supplemental exam. For those who pass the supplemental exam, in the former case, the score will be just "Pass", while in the later case, the score for this course will be the real score he/her gains in the exam.
e. The final scores you get are determined by your performance in both the final exam and the classes.
f. The student who fails in two exams can not go on to the next-stage study.

2. Rules of attendance
a. If the period of leave is no more than one day, you should be approved by the teacher of the lesson, and then submitted to the International Students Office for file; if the period exceeds one day, you should be approved by the International Students Office, and the students concerned should go through the relevant formalities.
b. The accumulative total periods of your absence from a particular course, including all kinds of absence with or without leave, should not exceed one third of the total periods of this course. Otherwise, you can not take part in the final exam of that course.

3. Graduation
a. The students who has successfully accomplished all the prescribed courses will be granted a certificate of this program.
b. The student who quit the study will be given a proof of study according to the situation.