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The First 2013 Graduation Ceremony of the English-instructed MBA Majored International Students took place in our college


On the afternoon of March, 25th, The First 2013 Graduation Ceremony of the English-instructed MBA Majored International Students took place in our college. The ceremony invited Chen Yujuan, director of Department of International Cooperation, and Jiang Wen, vice president of Graduate School and, vice president of College of International Cooperation Chen Jianping hosted the ceremony.

In the music of national song of People’ s Republic of China, students and teachers together with their friends witnessed this exciting moment. Vice president Lin Qi announced name list of the first MBA graduates and Qiu Yun, president of the college delivered his congratulations to the student obtained Master degree and certificate of graduation. FRANCES DANIELLE CONG, a student from the Philippines reviewed every second of studying and living in Ningbo University, and spoke highly of the international teaching mode and learning atmosphere of Ningbo University’s MBA programs, also, FRANCES DANIELLE CONG expounded the importance of education, family and environment to a person’s career, and expressed his thanks for being offered China Government Scholarship with the help of which he finished school.

In the cheerful music, the graduate were full of passion in academic dress, walking onto the state. President Qiu Yun awarded them certificates of graduation and posed for pictures. At the end of the awarding ceremony, all the guests, teachers posed for pictures with the graduates.

It is said that there were in total of 11MBA majored international students from 8 counties successfully graduated from our college this year, 10 of which were Chinese government scholarship students.

It is worth mentioning that international student were attracted since the start of our college’s English-instructed MBA program, and the programs is also one of the welcomed English-instructed academic programs that Chinese government scholarship students expected most. Every year, over 10 international students come to study MBA in our university under Chinese government scholarship by overseas Chinese embassies and China Scholarship Council. The program focuses on connotative development and being aligned with the professional graduates’ cultivation of European education developed countries, in recent two years, the reputation is going up gradually. So far, the number of MBA majored international students keeps 25 % of an average annual increase, the program’s attractiveness, international atmosphere, increasing of European students and overall improvement of student quality cause the growth of self-funded international student, and the program is under optimistic development.