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2014 Grand Celebration for Teacher’s Day in Ningbo University


2014 Grand Celebration for Teacher’s Day in Ningbo University

At the beginning of this festival celebration, an elaborate video, "dedicated to the most beautiful you - To thirtieth Teachers 'Day" ,fully explained the image of teachers in Ningbo University, and both domestic and foreign students expressed their wishes for the mentor through the VCR. Teachers on campus that day received many holiday greetings, handwritten greetings, the blooming carnations, deep bows and so on. All different actions students made for teachers were with their great respect. 

"Thank you, dear teacher, thank you so much for your lifetime dedication, all stories we wrote together on campus in Ningbo will be our lifetime memories. “On behalf of all 50 thousand students in Ningbo University, Zhang Yiwen, the student from college of Humanities and Media, presented a most sincere thanks and blessings for all teachers in Ningbo University.

Faulty members in Ningbo University also extend their will for the long-term construction in education field in NBU. The last part of 2014 Grand Celebration released a list of Outstanding Teaching Awards.