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Tips for Residence Permit in NBU

Materials you need to prepare for extending Residence Permit

  • Passport

  • NBU Official Application Letter

  • Visa/Stay Permit/Residence Permit Application Form

  • Two Pieces of 2-inch-sized photos with white background

  • Photocopy of Passport, the current Visa and last Entry Stamp

  • Health Certificate (Certificate of Verification for Physical Examination)

  • Registration Voucher of Residence for Visitors from Overseas

  • Photocopy of JW202 (Visa Application for Study in China)

  • Photocopy of Admission Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1, How to get a Visa/Stay Permit/Residence Permit Application Form ?

A: Please download and print the form on an A4 paper

Residence Permit Application Form

Q 2, How can I apply for Registration Voucher of Residence for Visitors from Overseas?

A: Students who live in International Student Hotel and Students' dorm of Ningbo University may apply for the document from International Student Office.

Step 1: Please scan your passport, current visa, the last entry stamp as well as the receipt from International Student Hotel and email the four images to Uresidence@nbu.edu.cnU

Step 2: Teachers of International Student Office will upload your images and residence information to the website of the Immigration Department, Zhejiang Government.

Step 3: Teachers of International Student Office print your Registration Voucher of Residence for Visitors from Overseas online.

B: Students who rent apartment elsewhere are expected to go to local Police Station where you live with follow Application documents to apply for Registration Voucher of Residence for Visitors from Overseas:

  1. Passport and photocopies of Passport, the latest Visa and Entry Stamp;

  2. Lease Contract for your current living house;

  3. Photocopy of Owner's ID card;

  4. Owner's Mobile-phone Number

Q 3, My current visa is students’ Resident Permit, and should I submit Health Certificate again if I want to renew my students’ Resident Permit?

A: No, you do not need to submit Health Certificate again.

Q 4, Can you provide me some tips for taking physical examination?

A: (1) Name of the hospital: Ningbo International Travel Healthcare Center

    (2) Address of the hospital: 宁波市海曙区柳汀街336号宁波国际旅行卫生保健中心

    (3) Application documents:

  • Health Examination Application Form(You can get it after arrive at the center. And you are expected to fill the form with a black ink pen.)

  • Passport and photocopy of Passport

  • Three Pieces of 2-inch-sized photos with white background.

(4) Remarks:

  • If you already did the health examination in your country, you should bring all the original reports and materials to Ningbo International Travel Healthcare Center to verify.

  • The health examination costs RMB535. Make sure you have enough money

  • Please don’t have breakfast before the health examination.

  • There are six or seven examination items. When you take physical examination in the hospital, please make good use of your time and do program one by one. And you have to finish your own health check-up before 11:30 a.m.

Q 5: Would you please tell me the address of the Immigration Office?

A: In Chinese:



Q 6: Can I extend my visa if my JW202 Form (Visa Application for Study in China) expires?

A: Please check your “duration” on your JW202. You can not renew your visa if JW202 expires.

Q 7When should I submit my visa application documents?

A: Please check NBU Academic Calendar. The Spring semester usually finishes in July and Autumn semester finishes in January. So you must submit your visa application documents before June 15th or December 15th every year.

Q 8: When should I apply for a new JW202 Form if my old one expires?

A: JW202 Form usually expires in July or January, so you are expected to apply for a new JW202 before May 31st and November 30th every year.

Q 9: The Immigration officer rejected my visa application because he/she said my JW202 Form is not the right one. Is he/she right?

A: Yes, he/she is right. Perhaps the JW202 Form you submitted has an only official stamp, but the Immigration Office requests students to submit a JW202 with three official Seals. So you have to get your JW202 Form with three official Seals from International Student Office.

Note: The JW202 Form (in white) which has an only official stamp is the right document for Chinese Embassy while the one with three stamps (in yellow) is for Immigration Office.

Q 10: How long does it take to get my passport from Immigration Office?

A: It takes fifteen working days for Immigration Office to issue visa after the officer accept your visa application documents.

Note: Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and Chinese traditional holidays are not working days.

Q 11: Can you please provide me the bank account of Ningbo University because I want to pay my school fees?

A: ICBCIndustrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaBank Account:



账  号3901130009000002464

B: CCBChina Construction BankBank Account

Account with Bank: China Construction Bank, Ningbo Branch


Beneficiary Account No.: 33101983679050511058

Beneficiary Name: Ningbo University Education Fees Account

Add: No.818 Fenghua Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, P.R.China.315211

Tel: +86-574-87609027 

Fax: +86-574-87600900