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Tips for bus Card in NBU

Tips for Student Bus IC Card

(Discount Card)

Materials you need to prepare for applying for Bus IC Card:

◆ Passport

◆ One piece of 2-inch-sized bareheaded colorful photo

◆ Ningbo Public Transportation Discount Card (students) Application Form (find the attachment)

◆ Deposit: RMB 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, How to get the "Ningbo Public Transportation Discount Card (students) Application Form"?

A, You are able to get the form in Room 304, Building 10.

Q2,Is there any difference between a common bus card and a student one?

A: A student bus card entitles you 70% off discount.

Q3,Where can I apply for the bus card?

A:An optional branch where students can apply for the bus card.

NO.327, Jiefang South Road, Haishu District, Ningbo


Bus Route: Take Bus No.501 at Ningbo University and get off at Jiefang South Road

乘坐公交501:“宁波大学”站(上车) “解放南路”站(下车)

To search for more branches, please log on the web: http://www.0574ic.com

Q4,If I do not need this bus card someday in the future, may I return the card to the bus company?

A:Yes, you are able to submit your bus card to the bus company branch with your passport and get refunded the money in the card and also the deposit of 10 Yuan.


Note: Official Website of Ningbo Bus Company: www.0574ic.com

Telephone: 0574-967225

Please download the form


Ningbo Public Transportation Discount Card (students) Application Form.doc