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Rules of living on campus

1.  Accommodation
a. While registering, you should submit valid ID credentials as well as other proofs, and then fill out the accommodation registration form, check the list of articles distributed for daily use, pay RMB1,000 as the deposit money which will be returned back to you while leaving the university. Accommodation will be available only if the above-mentioned formalities have been settled down.

b. The number and names of students sharing a dormitory should be strictly in accordance with the registered number and names. No guest should stay overnight, including the schoolmates. And the bed is not transferable, either.

c. With the consideration of security, do not lend your key to your dormitory to others or borrow keys from others; and when you are out, please shut the door as well as the windows properly.

d. Do not bring into the building animals and other unclean or dangerous articles, such as articles easy to burn or explode, or poisonous or radioactive materials. Do not burn anything or set off fireworks in the building.

e. It is strictly prohibited to take such illegal activities as fighting, gambling, taking drugs, calling prostitute in the building, or to put up dirty posters, to distribute dirty books, pictures or photos, or to play dirty records, video tapes or Video CD.

f. Do not have excessive drinking, making noise, or play records or CDs with too high sound.

g. To ensure a tidy, comfortable living condition, please do not spit improperly or litter, or throw anything out of the window.

h. To ensure security and avoid conflagration, please put out any possible sources of fire(e.g. cigarette stub),and cut off all the power resources when you leave your room.

i. It is strictly prohibited to use un
authorized electric heating devices or lay electric wires or fix other electric appliances in the dormitory. If there is any violation, the person(s) concerned will be fined upon the situation.

j. Take care of the articles distributed for daily use and public facilities. Compensation must be treated according to the corresponding regulation(s).

2. Regulations for visitor reception
a. The visitors should furnish his/her valid ID card, and fill out a visiting registration form. The ID card is temporarily kept by the person on duty, and will be returned at departure.

b. The visitors should leave before 10:30PM and not stay overnight.

c. If there is any violation, the person(s) concerned will be fined accordingly.